National Industrial Biotechnology Facility

The Centre for Process Innovation develops products, processes, services and businesses in the process and manufacturing sectors. Its unique portfolio of activities includes provision of services to the global business community in process innovation, consultancy and research. Substantial investments in innovative bio and chemical process technology have enabled an open access facility, available to commercial customers and research organisations alike. 

The National Industrial Biotechnology Facility was launched by CPI in July 2007. It possesses state of the art process development facilities providing a unique gene to kilo service for industrial biotechnologists. From development laboratories to 1000 litre fermentors, it can produce trial quantities and scale­up, assisting its clients to develop proof of concept.

Development of knowledge is a key aspect of any process development and, at CPI’s facility, the MS2 Process Diagnostics system developed by AJM Consulting will link to comprehensive control and data acquisition systems based on Emerson’s DeltaV Distributed Control System. The MS2 system’s breadth of complex data analysis and visualisation tools will enable both the technologists at CPI and their clients to gain a far deeper understanding of highly innovative processes, helping to move towards full commercial realisation.

“The use of the MS2 software is as an excellent addition to the tools and technologies employed in the National Industrial Biotechnology Facility. The software allows the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) to deliver better and faster services to our clients.” 

Steve Donegan, Process Technology Manager

“This capability means the data produced and subsequently interrogated will deliver for the future creating systematic integrated developments for new manufacturing processes for new products by design. In simple terms CPI will produce new more efficient and robust processes at a lower cost.” 

Dr Chris Dowle , Director, Advanced Processes