Understanding process variability enables you to operate a production process at maximum efficiency. Yield and quality are important goals, but if you don't know why they vary, you can't achieve the best possible performance. 

refinery_pills_wind"If you are responsible for the management or improvement of a process, you need to understand variability" 

Dr W Edwards Deming

We specialise in helping our clients to improve performance through understanding variability in process manufacturing. Our Process Diagnostics system, MS2, is used by many companies to pinpoint the causes of variability. Highly innovative, it combines several powerful algorithms for identifying the structure in data with advanced visualisation tools to enable rapid identification of relationships. 

Most companies have no shortage of data, but lack the ability to transform this potentially valuable asset into knowledge.  MS2 was specifically designed to enable rapid, cost-effective determination of the reasons for variability in process performance, enabling decisions to be made which make higher performance achievable.